About Us

Interested in learning more about the towing industry? Curious about the types of technology and other innovations that are being made every year? We hope that you will treat our magazine as the number one place to get such information. The magazine was created by enthusiasts of the towing industry and it is how it is run to this day. We only focus on the most relevant and interesting stories about the towing industry, providing our readers with an inside look at various topics.

Everything related to the towing industry is covered in our magazine. Say a new technology emerges that many towing companies are incorporating into their operations. We will have reporters covering the story. And we cover most stories in two ways. The first part is a more fact-based look at the story. We explain what is happening and its relevance. Then we take a second bite at the story, going in-depth to assess the impact of the change on various companies within the industry.

We are always adding more sections to our magazine, often at the request of our readers. We want this magazin to be more than just a resource on towing news. Our goal is to have a magazine that our readers feel a connection with. It is because of our readers that we have gotten this far!

One of the sections in our magazine that received the most attention is the profile section. We started the section a few months ago, focusing on major towing companies in the area. Every issue, we profile a different towing company. Our feature reporters spend a couple weeks with the company, getting the inside scoop on how the business is run. We speak with executives, management and regular employees to get a proper idea of how everyone feels about the company.

We know that our readers appreciate honest, fact based and well-researched exclusives. And we hope to provide even better content in the coming months!